How will the

Roller Shutters be fitted?

Southern Shutters Installers are well versed in the installation of roller shutters, therefore they can recommend the best fit for your home either In Reveal, On Wall or On Wall with angle build outs, other options such as installing into the eaves or bulkheads may be available/ suitable depending on your house type.

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Manual Winder Control

Southern Shutters

Huge Standard Roller Shutter Colour Range

Southern Shutters for Roller Shutters

When you look at a Southern Shutters Standard Domestic Roller Shutter you will notice . . . .

Colours! Southern Shutters has a huge 17 Standard colours to choose from for both the tracks/ guides and curtain. And there are over 120 additional Dulux Powder Coating Colours to choose from (for an additional cost) if the pelmet/ tracks/ guides - frame doesn't quite match your colour scheme.

Controls! Southern Shutters specialises in Roller Shutters; so no manuals are not too hard to install and no the motorised hardwired options are not a problem for us to install. We often get asked where the motors are installed, are they in the roof? No, Southern Shutters motors are tubular which means they are housed in the axle which is located in the pelmet box of the shutter.

Quality! Southern Shutters Roller Shutters are Australian Made and Customised to fit your home, office, business or shop front

  • Curtain - 44mm x 9mm curved slats are used to construct the Roller Shutter Curtain. The slats are injected with polyurethane (this provides the unique insulation properties) and then coated in fade and abrasive resistant enamel. The slats themselves during manufacture are punched with oval slots creating perforations (which allows for airflow and light control) and then have an upper double folded lip which provides extra strength by forming a continuous hinge when the shutter slats interlock together. Each slat is also fitted with specially moulded end clips which help to prevent lateral movement offering a smooth and quiet operation.
  • Tracks/ guides - 53mm x 23mm and are fitted with a nylon felt which provides a quiet and smooth operation.
  • Axle - made from aluminium is octagonal which provides durability and strength.
  • Security - specially designed security springs connect the top of the curtain to the axle. When the roller shutter is lowered into its fully down position these springs will cause the top of the roller shutter to hit the back of the canopy/ pelmet box if someone were to try and lift the shutter from the outside - therefore making the shutter difficult to pry open.

Options! - added security, a Bottom Rail Key Lock can be installed (for an additional cost) for added security. This means installed inside the extruded bottom rail are 25mm x 3mm steel flat bars which run the entire width of the shutter, they anchor deep into the side guides when activated. The locking mechanism is controlled by a two-way double turn mortice key lock that is positioned at the base of the Roller Shutter.

- for added safety, a Battery Back Up, UPS system is recommended

particularly where there is a roller shutter covering doorways or exit points. These battery packs convert 24 volt to 240 volt power in case of power failure and do not enter into sleep mode when power fails, allowing the shutters to be raised or lowered in the event of power failure.


Not quite what you wanted? Have a look at some of the other Roller Shutter types Southern Shutters has available or speak to one of our friendly team members about your requirements and lets see how we can help.

Classic Cream 15


What control options are available?

Manual Control, with pull strap or Manual Control, with winder and strap or Spring & Key, push pull operation (non-perforated slats normally supplied with this)

Motorised, Electric hardwired with switch or Remote hardwired with remote handset, one per shutter and/ or the option of a master.

** There is also the option of a UPS Backup System for motorised Roller Shutters allowing you to still operate your motorised roller shutters in the event of a power failure.

Manual Pull Strap

Common uses of Southern Shutters Roller Shutters


Reduce Heat! How?  Our standard shutters use insulated slats in the shutter curtain which means when your Southern Shutters Roller Shutter is rolled down it insulates your window, creating a thermal barrier to keep the heat out and the cool in (and in Winter the cold out and the heat in!). This insulation means more effective use of your heating and cooling systems which means you save money on running costs, as well as having a cooler house in summer and a more cosy warmer house in winter.

Reduce Light! How?  Our standard shutters have perforations in the slats which means by opening the shutter curtain either slightly or entirely you can control the amount of light (and air/ ventilation) that enters you home. Or alternatively by allowing the roller shutter curtain to close to the down position you can reduce the light entering your home to almost nil, which is great for shift workers, babies and children's rooms as it darkens the room for daytime sleeping.

Reduce Noise! How?​  Southern Shutters Roller Shutters help to reduce noise by creating a barrier to the outside world, allowing street and traffic noise and barking dogs to be muffled and in most cases reduced by up to 50%.

​​Increase Security & Protection! How?  ​Southern Shutters Roller Shutters offer a visual deterrent to would be intruders. The added security  of the specially designed springs fitted to the axle and curtain as well as bottom bar seal also help to aid in restricting the shutter being raised by would be intruders.

* Colours may vary slightly from the

actual colours due to monitor calibration.

In Reveal Fit

On Wall with

Angle Buildout


Bedrooms Children's and Shiftworkers bedrooms benefit from the installation of Roller Shutters as they help to darken the room aiding in Daytime Sleeping.

Front of Homes Improve the saleability and street appeal of your home by installing Roller Shutters as well as the bonus of giving you a great visual deterrent to would be intruders.

Patios/ Verandah's/ Gazebos/ Balconies A clever option to help weather proof outdoor areas or to make outdoor areas more comfortable.

Servery's & Canteens A neat way to secure kitchen and canteen areas.

Leaking Windows  Roller Shutters act as a barrier allowing the rain to run down them rather than down your windows and into gaps, damaging your homes interior.

Skylights A neat effective way of reducing heat and light coming through your skylight without intruding on your view.

Business and Commercial Premises/ Shop Fronts

Roller Shutters help to protect your premises by reducing the ease of getting in your premises as well as being a visual deterrent.

Garages Roller Shutters require less head room then tradtional roller doors so are a great alternative at the rear entrances of garages where headroom may be an issue in restricting boats and caravans from fitting through. ​

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How will our Roller Shutters

improve and change your life?



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