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Lifestyle Roller Screens

Southern Shutters Lifestyle Roller Screens allow you to integrate your indoor and outdoor living without compromising your view. With the simple manual spring operation or the even easier motorised options of a flick of a switch or the press of a button the Lifestyle Roller Screens allow you to increase and improve your living space, for all year round entertainment.  

Specifically designed for Verandahs, Pergolas, Gazebos, Balconies, Alfresco Areas and even windows; the Lifestyle Roller Screens reduce heat, glare and UV rays whilst still allowing for airflow and ventilation – all without sacrificing your view.

Southern Shutters External Lifestyle Roller Screens are constructed using the heavy gauge 2 x 2 Visiontex Plus yarn. This specially designed PVC Coated Polyester mesh is the ideal solution for all weather conditions

  • Allows for rain block of up to 97%
  • Allows for wind block of up to 96%
  • Allows for shade of up to 84%
  • Allows for UV-R block of up to 94%
  • Is FR Rated - Self Extinguishing
  • Is safe, no harmful substances - it is lead, mercury and chromium FREE
  • This mesh is able to breathe which allows for continuous airflow and ventilation in and out of your home whilst keeping insects and debris out.
  • And due to its PVC base; dust and dirt can easily be washed off

Lifestyle Roller Screens are created exclusively using PVC heat welding. This mean there is no stitching through plastic which means prevention of

  • Rot, wear, and leakage which in turn provides long term guaranteed performance.

Lifestyle Roller Screens can even be used in those high wind areas due to the

  • The screens have a unique interlocking zip track which locks the screen tight and gives a wind resistance class rating of 3, (UNE-EN 13659:2004), 49 km/ph.

The Lifestyle Roller Screen is constructed using

  • Extruded aluminium guides, rails and pelmet, similar to the Roller Shutters which means the design is unobtrusive and blends seamlessly into your existing homes features.
  • When the Lifestyle Roller Screen is not in use it retracts neatly into the enclosed slim line design pelmet box; which dependant on the size of the opening are either 100mm or 130mm.

Titan Grey

What control options are available?

  • Manual, retractable spring operation
  • Electric hardwired with switch 
  • Remote hardwired with remote handset, one per screen and/ or the option of a master remote

** Each control options allows for the screens to be stopped at any height giving you control over the amount of privacy, shade or rain/ wind protection required.

* Colours may vary slightly from the actual colours due to monitor calibration.





Baltic Blue


Ice White

​Why choose a Southern Shutters Lifestyle Roller Screen?






Remote Handset



Carbon Black

Southern Shutters Stylish Mesh Colour Range

  • ​Australian Made, customised durability for your home

  • No flapping plastic or cords to get tangled in, as Southern Shutters Lifestyle Roller Screens are Motorised

  • Great for Daytime Privacy and insect protection

  • ​** Allows for rain block of up to 97%

  • ** Allows for wind block of up to 96%

  • ​Allows for shade of up to 84%

  • ​Allows for UV-R block of up to 94%

  • High velocity wind resistance (154kg loading) 

  • Unique Interlocking zip track which locks the screen in tight

  • Created exclusively by using PVC heat welding, no stitching  through plastic which prevents rot, wear and leakage

  • PVC coated high tensile polyester mesh is scratch and water resistant

  • Due to the PVC base of mesh means that dust and dirt can be easily washed away

  • ​Unobtrusive design means that the addition of Southern Shutters  Lifestyle Roller Screens impacts minimally on your home

  • ​Huge range of modern colours available!

​​** Excessive movement of the fabric due to heavy winds and rain can increase the chance of more water penetrating through the fabric than normally expected