Southern Shutters Cyclone Exit Screens have been designed specifically for cyclone prone regions. These stand alone screens give protection to the whole window, but still allow for a safe exit from your home in case of an emergency (via a press bar release on the internal of the screen). Constructed from 304 grade 2b Finish Stainless Steel the Perforated Stainless Steel have a high quality, smooth to touch finish.

Southern Shutters Cyclone Screens have been tested to AS1170.2011. In this test a 4kg piece of hardwood is aimed at the centre of the cyclone screen and then launched, the test demonstrates that a screen can resist a 4kg piece of wood travelling at 158km/h.​​


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Cyclone Screen Colours


cyclone screens


* Colours may vary slightly from the actual colours due to monitor calibration.


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Cyclone Screens:


Cyclone Screen   Cyclone Screen   Cyclone Screen